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Name: Luka

Breed: King Charles Spaniel 

Owner:  Joe Debiec - Director of Programs at CISabroad

Where I have traveled: Canada, Florida, and all over the East Coast!

What I think my owner does: Boring human stuff - too much sitting.

Best thing about being a CISabroad pup: Lots of people drop crumbs around the office.

Pet peeves: I dislike cartoons. I also don't like it when humans dress up as everyday things (I growl at Joe's favorite SNL skit with Justin Timberlake in a Cup O' Soup costume).  

Favorite Travel Quote: Give me a treat, please.

Best quality: Best snuggler










Name: Oscar

Breed: Miniature Dachshund

Owner: Candace Ruta, Program Coordinator: Italy

Where I have traveled: No where yet, but I travel all over New England!

What I think my owner does: Purposely leaves me at home while she goes to play with the other dogs in the office.

Best thing about being a CISabroad pup: Getting lots of attention from all of the fabulous GE employees, treats, and playing with other dogs

Pet peeves: Going out in the rain, baths, and getting my nails trimmed

Favorite Travel Quote: "Life is short, and the world is wide." - Simon Raven

Best quality: Most likely to destroy a squeaky toy in less than 10 minutes












Name: Picasso 

Breed:  I'm a mystery, but my owners guess that I'm a corgi and black lab mix (a Corgidor, if you will). 

Owner: Brittany Garand, Senior Study Abroad Advisor in the GAC

Where I have traveled:  I came from Kentucky all the way to New England to get to my new home. 

What I think my owner does:  When she's not chasing me though the office or playing hide-and-seek with me, or messing up my pile of toys I found, she sits in a wheely chair and talks to students. 

Best thing about being a CISabroad pup: The people, duh! I gets so many pets, hugs, and kisses every time I comes in, and I loves helping the humans take a break with a quick game of fetch, tug-of-war, or chase.

Pet peeves: Kitties who won't play with me, other puppies that won't play with me, and people that won't play with me. Play with me!

Favorite Travel Quote: "A dog creates, transcribes, a new landscape for you." - Rick Bass

Best quality: Mister Personality











Name: Dudley

Breed: Standard Poodle

Owner: Kris Holloway, President/Queen/Head Bottle Washer

Where I have traveled: Well, my mother is from Australia.... does that count? 

What I think my owner does: Gives me the best belly scratches and feeds meat-flavored dog biscuits.

Best thing about being a CISabroad pup: Constant love.

Pet peeves: That beeping sound that trucks make when they back up. 

Favorite Travel Quote: Wag More. Bark Less.











Name: Tucker

Breed: Malti-Poo (Maltese and Poodle mix)

Owner: Jessica Ahrens, Program Coordinator

Where I have traveled: Born and raised in Florida, where he grew up charging into the waves at Fort Myers Beach.

What I think my owner does: Sit around and make clacking noises on the computer, so much so that it disrupts my ability to sleep soundly in her lap, which annoys me to no end. 

Best thing about being a CISabroad pup: Being able to run around the office all day, make new friends, and steal other dogs' toys. Also, getting to lick all the crumbs off the kitchen floor.

Pet peeves: Car noises, treats that are too crunchy, and toys that don't squeak. Why don't all toys squeak?!

Favorite Travel Quote: The best days end with sandy paws.