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Advisory Board 2016-2017

Dr. Roger Adkins
Director of International and Cultural Education
Gustavus Adolphus University (MN)

Stuart Floyd
International Regional Manager - North Atlantic
Bond University (Australia) 

Jim Galvin
Director - Opportunities Abroad & Faculty-Led Programs
University of California, San Diego (CA) 

Linda Drake Gobbo
Professor of International Education
SIT Graduate Institute (VT)

Dr. Susanne Hill
Executive Director, International Center
University of Florida (FL) 

Dr. Virginia Hosono
Associate Director of Study Abroad and International Travel
University of Louisville (KY)

India Karavackas, J.D.
Director of the office of Global Engagement
Stockton University (NJ) 

Dr. CK Kwai
Chief International Officer
Jacksonville University (FL)

Carol Lebold
Associate Director of International Programs
University of Massachusetts - Amherst (MA)

Julie Maddox
Director of Study Abroad Programs
Massachusetts Insitute of Technology (MA)

Jessica Morel
Associate Director of Global Engagement Office
Plymouth State University (NH) 

Ann Robinson
Executive Director, Global Programs
Daemen College (NY) 

Carolina Robinson
Director of Education Abroad
University of Alabama (AL)