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Italy offers everything a study or intern abroad participant could want: a great climate, rich culture, impressive art, tasty cuisine, and so much more! Be more than just one of the millions of tourists in Italy when you go with CISabroad, as you'll have the chance to get off the beaten track with our staff's guidance.
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Summer Abroad Program Spotlight

Summer in Florence


Be dazzled this summer! Spend 3, 6, 9 or 12 weeks in the cradle of the Renaissance and see why travelers can never get enough of Florence.

Summer in Perugia


Spend a summer studying in a college town in the radiant heart of Italy. Distinctive academic programs that allow you to immerse yourself in Italian culture and learn both in and beyond the classroom.

Summer in Rome


English courses and Italian language at a campus on the highest hill in Rome. Fun social and cultural activities allow you to get to know Rome in a very intimate way.

A Taste of Italy: Milan, Venice, Pompeii, Capri


Spend the summer on journey through Italy, learning about its rich culture, storied history, exquisite cuisine, elaborate cathedrals, and diverse landscapes. On our traveling, Taste of Italy program, you’ll explore Milan, Venice, Pompeii, Capri, Rome, and several other large and small Italian cities.

Summer on the Italian Coast, Sorrento


Imagine spending your summer in the scenic seaside city of Sorrento, the gateway to the Amalfi Coast. Study Italian, Marine Biology, Volcanology, International Tourism, and Sustainability by day, and retreat to the romantic piazzas overlooking the sea by night.

When you study abroad in Italy for a summer with CISabroad, you can expect to experience the best of local academics, Italian language and culture, and fun social and cultural activities with fellow participants. Italy is a special place in that it continues to embrace its historic past while also looking towards a bright future. A summer study abroad program is a great way to experience the culture first-hand, whether you're of Italian heritage or just curious to learn about the cafe culture and family-oriented nature of Italians. With CISabroad, you can choose from a range of courses in both English and Italian.  

You can choose from three generalized study abroad programs in Rome, Florence, or Perugia for the summer, each with their own unique programs and benefits! If you have more specific areas of interest, you can study art and photography abroad in Florence or study architecture abroad in Rome for a summer. We also offer a Maymester study abroad program where you can spend your May in Perugia. Finally, if you’re interested in seeing more of Europe during your time abroad, you can do one of our multi-country study abroad programs. Our Grand Tour program lets you live in London, Paris, Florence and Rome, the Mediterranean Culture program takes you to Rome and Barcelona, and our Heart of the Renaissance program lets you experience Rome, Florence, and Paris.

For those considering a practical, professional experience while also enjoying the country and culture of Italy, consider an internship in Italy during the summer. 

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