Ireland Summer Abroad

Explore the Emerald Isle, and the friendly country of Ireland. Visit ancient castles and cathedrals of that date back to 6,000 BC. History, culture, and Irish hospitality await you when you choose Ireland!
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Summer in Ireland


Spend three weeks this summer in Limerick, a laid-back city, known for its history, beautiful castles, and art galleries. Take hands-on courses about Irish culture, history, film, law, and art taught by distinguished Irish faculty.

If you’re short on time or can’t spare a whole semester abroad, then a summer study abroad program is the right fit! You can spend three weeks in Limerick during your summer in Ireland. You’ll be able to earn credits in a beautiful, laid-back setting that offers a perfect look into the Irish way of life. Additionally, you can choose to do a multi-country study abroad program during the summer that includes Ireland. The European Experience program also lets you live in England, Scotland, and Spain, and the British Isles program takes you to Scotland and England as well.