Become a global educator by taking your Education courses abroad and widening your horizons!
Do an internship abroad or take courses in one of these concentrations: General Education, Outdoor Education, Physical Education, Primary/Elementary Education, Secondary Education, Special Education.

Academic perspectives vary widely across the globe. Living abroad and learning about another country’s education system broaden your cultural perspective and prepares you for your future as an educator. You will gain first-hand knowledge of different teaching methods and models of learning.

Classrooms throughout the United States are becoming multi-national, someand many with multilingual students. Your future as an educator holds endless opportunities to interact multiculturally, and study abroad can prepare you for them. With the job market more competitive than ever, you set yourself apart by having this invaluable experience... Regardless of whether you are interested in a study abroad or intern abroad program, our programs will set you on the path to becoming an outstanding educator.

Why is a global perspective important to the field of education? Hear it from the professionals:

Teach for America: “Maximizing the diversity of our organization is important so that we can benefit from the talent and energy of all those who can contribute to our effort, and also to increase the opportunity for engagement in the circles of influence in our tremendously diverse society. Moreover, we seek to be diverse because we aspire to serve as a model of the fairness and equality of opportunity we envision for our nation.”

SEDL: Advancing Research, Improving Education: “Professional development in diversity and multicultural education has become increasingly important over the past decade as this nation’s school population becomes increasingly more diverse. Schools are training their staff and personnel to better deal with the issue of diversity.”

Harvard University Master’s in Higher Education: “Education is the single most important ingredient for a successful society. Why? Education affords children and adults the opportunity to reach their potential as learners and thereby become productive, proud citizens. Coming to Harvard from a broad array of previous positions, students have diverse academic, professional, and life experiences that enliven their conversations in and outside of the classroom.”