Communication, IT, and Design

Communication, IT, and Design are international languages. We’ll help you find the courses you need to make your degree stand out! 
Study or intern abroad in the following capacities:Advertising, Fashion Design, Film and Television, Gaming, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Information Technology, Journalism, Media Studies, Multimedia Design, Public Relations, Telecommunications.

Communication, IT, and design programs are enhanced through global interactions and we’re committed to providing an experience abroad that will compliment the classes you are taking now.  Studying abroad provides you first-hand knowledge of different cultures, diverse perspectives, and new methods of problem-solving, skills which are key for communication, IT, and design majors.

With the increasingly globalized world, communication has come to emphasize adaptability and understanding of cultural context. From film and television to journalism and media studies, communication majors who study abroad find their international experience invaluable.

 IT powerhouses are found across the global, in locations from Asia to Europe. Take your IT, computer science, and gaming skills to the next level through an international study or intern experience.

Why create designs based on photos or images when you can use the city in places like Spain, France or Italy as your classroom?  We’ve got you covered, whether you are studying graphic, fashion, or industrial design.

In Communication, IT, and Design there is significant emphasis on experience, so get out there to meet your peers and professors who are ahead of the curve and bring back an enhanced perspective of your field!  But don’t just take our word for it. Check out some of these prestigious positions with an international emphasis: 

All About Public Relations states that “Public relations positions around the world provide new opportunities with ever increasing international business and cross-cultural relations. … There will be no shortage of opportunities for public relations professionals with the proper education, experience, and aptitude who are willing to work hard for their place in the industry.”

Regarding careers in IT, according to WetFeet, “Globally, the picture looks a little brighter (than IT employment in the U.S.), at least for the immediate future. ... Phenomenal industry growth is still occurring in Asia Pacific and oil exporting regions of Eastern Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. If you’re looking for an IT career in the U.S. or abroad, staying adaptable and open to possibilities will improve your chances of thriving in an economic downturn.”  We say: study abroad to become more adaptable and marketable within domestic and international markets!

And from “With the entry-level job that new college graduates used to snap up increasingly hard to come by, those starting out now have to look farther afield for that first gig. Employers said they expected to hire 7% fewer college graduates in 2010 vs. the previous year, according to a survey conducted by the National Association of Colleges & Employers (NACE) last fall, and recruiting remains down on many college campuses this spring. For many students, that signals it is time for a different approach. Increasingly, a growing number of them are securing an internship abroad to gain some work experience and then coming back to the U.S. to launch their careers.”

“My experience abroad was unbelievable. Not only did it help me decide my career direction, but it also exposed me to a totally new culture and way of living.” Ashley E., Intern in Australia