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Experience the old meeting new in Scotland as you walk amongst castles on cobblestone streets on your way to modern, lively bars, and restaurants! Challenge yourself academically at either Edinburgh Napier University or the University of Stirling, which both have cutting-edge courses in a broad array of subjects.
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Semester in Edinburgh


The city of Edinburgh is truly amazing, combining medieval Old Town, neoclassical New Town, and award-winning modern architecture. Study at one of the top two new universities in the UK.

Semester in Stirling


There’s a castle on campus, seriously…study on an 18th-century estate in the Scottish highlands! This highly affordable program means you can live your dream of studying in Scotland without breaking the bank.

Summer in Scotland


Imagine a summer of exploring and learning in this historic country with your base in Stirling, the Gateway to the Highlands. Join us for great academics, fun excursions throughout Scotland, and a chance to explore Europe.

Scotland, part of the United Kingdom, is situated to the north of England. It's a country known for castles and kilts, but take a closer look and you'll see a vibrant country with exceptional adventure opportunities and progressive culture. Scotland has something for everyone: from its rugged Highlands to modern cities built upon medieval fortresses.

With CISabroad, you can choose to have your castles either on campus or in town - a tough, but fun decision! Study abroad in Edinburgh, an amazing historic city dominated by its namesake Edinburgh Castle. If you prefer your castles on campus, consider studying abroad in Stirling for a semester or a summer. This incredible 18th-century campus houses a castle and a large loch, and is considered the "Gateway to the Highlands."