The London Semester

Study in lively London without the huge price tag! Live on a traditional British campus, with unique creative writing, dance, and psychology programs and courses in all major subjects.

Earn credits in your major and fulfill general electives, all in one semester when you study in London. We offer you the flexibility of a variety of disciplines—biology, theater, journalism, human rights, and more—so you can earn credits toward your major and check out something new.

We are here to support you. At CISabroad, all our advisors have studied or lived abroad. We love the British countryside and exciting London, and with our help you’ll fall in love with them too!

London at a small-town price. Here’s a way to explore London without breaking the bank! We know how expensive it can be to live in London. When you study abroad in London through The London Semester program,  you'll save money while staying at a gorgeous suburban location, yet the city center is still a short tube ride away.

On The London Semester  you will study abroad in London at highly ranked University of Roehampton. Roehampton is unique among London universities in having its housing, support services, classrooms, shops, and Student Union all within a 15-minute walk of each other. The picturesque campus is the ideal environment for study, and on its doorstep is one of the world's most exciting cities. You will experience:

Classes across departments – No need to limit yourself to one field! Study anything from politics to dance to health care with remarkable British professors.

Affordability – Check out one of the best cities in the world on the most affordable London study abroad option. Don’t forget that many of London’s best museums are free, and many pubs and restaurants offer inexpensive lunches. We have tons of tips for you on how to save money and still enjoy all that this incredible city has to offer.

Top-notch academics – Roehampton professors are highly regarded throughout England and the world and include famed novelists, criminologists, business moguls, and psychologists. Cutting-edge research is the stuff of everyday life here.

Best of both worlds - A campus setting with peaceful grounds, yet the bustling city center is just a short tube ride away. 

Fun dorm life – Each residence hall is its own social and cultural hub, with entertaining events where you can get to know your British and international hallmates and make lifelong friends when you study abroad in London. 

If you've ever wanted to study abroad in London, then check out The London Semester program. Here are just a few of the key highlights that make this program unique.

  • Affordable London study abroad option!
  • Study in London on a picturesque campus in a southwest suburb of the capital city
  • Large international student population
  • Take courses in an array of fields for your major or as electives
  • Amazing creative writing program
  • Check out Big Ben, Parliament, Oxford Street, the London Eye, and more
  • Explore other parts of the UK and Europe on the weekends
  • Fun on-campus housing options
  • Sports teams and student activities help you meet fellow students
  • Fantastic dance program
  • Internship option (Spring semester only)

Your semester in London with CISabroad comes with excursions built into the cost at no additional fee. Regina, our CISabroad site director in London, has put together fun and interesting trips geared towards getting a true English experience. In the past, these excursions have included some of the following:

  • London bus tour
  • Kings, Queens, Politics and Power Walking tour which starts in New Scotland Yard
  • Introduction to Camden Market with an optional pub lunch and Hidden Pubs of London Walking Tour
  • Jack the Ripper Walking Tour
  • Bus Tour of Cambridge (Absolutely beautiful and breathtaking!)
  • Tour of the Benjamin Franklin House
  • The London Eye (breathtaking views of London!)
  • Windsor Castle & Eton (a day at the Queen's Castle and the school that Princes Harry & William attended!)

Regina will send out weekly updates to CISabroad students to let them know about free or inexpensive activities in the area.  They will also create the itineraries so that students may still be able to participate in additional excursions that our partner school in London may put on. Some of these may include trips to: 

There’s more to this classic English city than the ancient university that gives the city its fame. Throughout the town you can observe buildings of every architectural period since the Saxons as well as a wealth of attractions including shopping, museums, theatres, botanical gardens, parks and a cathedral.

This pre-historic site is certainly one of the most famous spots in England. Located in Wiltshire and dating back to approximately 2500 B.C., Stonehenge is an ancient ring of monolithic stones constructed by a lost civilization for a purpose that remains unknown. Now owned by the National Trust and listed as a prestigious UNESCO World Heritage site, Stonehenge is a great archaeological mystery with a distinctly ethereal feel.

Liverpool, the great city of the north, is the very definition of a trendy cosmopolitan city and is certainly giving London a run for its money! With an outstanding musical, sport and maritime history, in this metropolis it would be easy to focus on the past. But with dazzling new museums and art galleries as well as an extensive amount of modern restaurants, wine bars and shops, while in Liverpool you’re going to have to make some decisions – and that’s not going to be easy!

Windsor Castle
As a Royal home and fortress for more than 900 years, Windsor Castle and the surrounding town demonstrate the epitome of British life. The castle itself is the Queen’s official residence and is often used for formal duties and state visits. Windsor is also home to St. George's Chapel, the chapel used for hundreds of Royal christenings, weddings and funerals. Across the tranquil River Thames lies Eton, home to the famously prestigious Eton College.

On The London Semester Program at University of Roehampton, over 400 areas of study means options galore! Roehampton is front and center, with some of the best academics around. The Higher Education Quality Council recently commended Roehampton for its outstanding academic standards and quality assurance systems. The University allows you to choose “modules” (aka courses) from different disciplines, so you can fulfill both your elective and major requirements. You can study within the following Colleges: Arts, Business and Social Sciences, Education, and Human and Life Sciences.

GPA Required: 2.8. If you find your GPA is lower than the requirement, do not despair! Use the "Contact a CISabroad Advisor" button on this page or call us to let us know your situation. We'll do all we can to find the right program for you.

How to choose your courses
Now for the fun part!  As part of the application process, you will be required to complete the CISabroad Course Selection Worksheet found on the CISabroad Application Page. The information below will help guide you in choosing your courses.

Course load: 3–4 modules (courses), 40–60 Roehampton credits (12–18 U.S. credits). Please note that you may register for a maximum of 60 Roehampton credits.

Course approval: It is best to get 7–8 classes approved before you go abroad. This way you will have plenty of classes to choose from and some flexibility in setting up your schedule. You should also consider filling your elective requirements. 

Class descriptions and catalog:  Click here for more information. 

Simply click on the area(s) of study you’re interested in to view all the modules (courses) on offer. 

How to read the Roehampton University course guide:

You will find courses offered at the 100, 200, and 300 levels. The 200- and 300-level courses at Roehampton are often equivalent to junior- and senior-year courses in the U.S. They will likely have prerequisites.

  1. Within each program, you will find course listings in this format: ANT020C151Y. 
  2. The 3 initial letters refer to the program. The 3 numbers that follow indicate the credits that the course is worth: 010 is 10 UK credits (3 U.S.); 020 is 20 UK credits (6 U.S.). The next letter refers to the year of study: C = year 1, N = year 2, X = year 3.
  3. The following 3 numbers are the actual course number. The last letter is the course code: “A” courses are only offered during the autumn semester and “S” only during the spring semester. “Y” courses are yearlong and are available only to students attending for the full academic year.*


So, the course code ANT020C151Y means: Anthropology, worth 20 UK credits (6 U.S.), first-year level, course number 151, yearlong.

*Please note that some yearlong modules have been split in credit to allow autumn- or spring-only attendees to enroll for half with appropriate assessment and credit. Preapproval is required. We strongly recommend that you select “A” modules when attending in autumn and “S” modules when attendance in the spring.

You will be informed by University of Roehampton which classes you are registered for 1-2 weeks prior to arrival for the semester. 

Did you know that 70% of all CISabroad students receive scholarships or grants to study or intern abroad? You can get a grant for something as simple as applying early, or a scholarship for blogging. 

For details on all scholarship and grant offerings and to apply, please click here.

A leading center for art, fashion, film, history, music, theater, and nightlife, London is an experience in itself. Explore the Globe Theatre, where Shakespeare’s most famous works were performed hundreds of years ago for “groundlings” and royalty alike. Stroll to one of the nearby parks for the surprise of green surroundings in the midst of a huge modern city. Or check out the new sports stadiums from the 2012 Olympics (of which every Londoner is quite proud). London's underground (mind the gap!), train, and bus system make everything accessible in minutes. Spend your day visiting Westminster Abbey and the Tower of London, your evening at the one of the West End's many theaters, and your night at any of a thousand concert halls or pubs in this lively city. The diverse population is yet another reason why this is one of the most exciting cities in the world.

Plus, thanks to England’s small size and modern public transportation, the whole country is practically on your doorstep. How about a weekend trip to the Beatles’ hometown of Liverpool, a Manchester United football match, or a traditional seaside town? Transportation is extremely easy in London and throughout England. You will have many opportunities to travel during your semester in Roehampton.

The University is located in a beautiful suburb of southwest London, so you can enjoy all the sights, sounds, and tastes of London while experiencing a fun campus community.  You get the excitement of London life without the expensive costs. Expenses in London can be tight due to its popular nature among tourists. But Roehampton students take advantage of the suburban location to make the best of local areas on a tight budget. While you’re overseas, make sure to pick up a British accent to show off when you come home!

Our London Semester program is located at the University of Roehampton. Founded in 1975, Roehampton is accredited by the Ministry of State for Universities, Science, and Cities and also the Quality Assurance Agency for Higher Education (QAA). Roehampton is the most research intensive modern university in the UK, according to Higher Education Funding Council for England.

This welcoming community is located in one of the most attractive suburbs in London, providing a beautiful and historical campus with numerous academic, cultural, and social opportunities. The on-site staff is very supportive of international students, and will work with you to make sure you are fully enjoying your time abroad. It’s also conveniently located near the center of London, so all of the highlights of the city are just minutes away!

Roehampton is made up of four colleges and a Student Union, which form a strong sense of community. It’s easy to meet new friends and get involved on campus. Roehampton houses students from over 80 countries, so it’s used to supporting international students such as yourself. International advisors will be there to help you with anything you need from your arrival until the time you leave. In a survey given to international students in 2010, Roehampton was very highly rated on academics, the student union, environmental-friendliness, and the fun and welcoming nature of the university.

The International Center at University of Roehampton offers a "Meet and Greet" service that includes meeting you at Heathrow airport and then introducing you to life at the University and in London with a full orientation and city tour. Although 7,000 students attend the University, the collegiate structure ensures that you will never be overwhelmed. As a member of one of the four Colleges, you will quickly become a part of that smaller community. Campus facilities include a modern, technology-driven Learning Resource Center, computer centers at each College, and a medical center.

We encourage you to join in the many activities sponsored by the Student Union.  Clubs, societies, and entertainment are all part of the social life of the campus. In addition, the Roehampton Recreation Committee manages sports and recreation activities, including cricket, tennis, aerobics, basketball, rowing, soccer, and rugby. Get to know your fellow students on the sports field or join a clubs that fits your interests – there is truly something for everyone!

Students studying during the spring semester can also participate in the Roehampton Festival. You can explore performance, arts, projects, volunteering, career enhancement activities, employability techniques, and more. You can take part in the many exciting aspects of this week long event. The campus community works to enhance this festival each year to make it fun and exciting for everyone involved. It is a really exciting opportunity to be involved in a variety of cultural and educational experiences. 

As a CISabroad student on The London Semester at University of Roehampton, you will be living in one of the residence halls on campus.  You will live in a single room, with bed linen, blankets, and pillows provided. The hall is self-catered, meaning that you will be able to prepare your own meals, but you have the option of purchasing a kitchen pack with basic cooking and eating utensils from the University of Roehampton (if you prefer, you can get your own supplies once you arrive in London). Groceries can be purchased in the village, which is a short 10-minute walk from the main campus, or can be purchased at Asda (a large supermarket), only a short bus trip from the campus.

Living in the residence halls provides you with the opportunity to meet and become friends with students from different cultures and backgrounds. There are also cafeterias, shops, and coffee and snack bars located on campus, as well as Student’s Union facilities, where you can relax and spend time with your new friends!

Take a tour of a typical dorm room from The London Semester

Originally from Texas, Regina Tingle has done her best to make a career out of her love of traveling.  As an undergrad, Regina studied abroad in Alicante, Spain three summers in a row and then spent her junior year studying Italian at Universita’ per Stranieri in Perugia, Italy.  After earning her Bachelor’s in Journalism with a concentration in Advertising from University of North Texas, she moved back to Italy where she spent nearly ten years working for the Umbra Institute as Program Manager.  After earning her Master’s in Creative Writing from Goddard College, Regina moved to New Zealand where she spent some time with the locals picking grapes in Hawke’s Bay.  She has visited over twenty countries and speaks fluent Spanish and Italian. As our site director in London, Regina enjoys showing enthusiastic students and visitors the best of what London and CISabroad has to offer! 

1. What is the cost of the program? What is included in the program fees?

The program cost for The London Semester can be found here.

2. When are the program fees due?

Program fees for The London Semester are due on December 1st for Spring term and July 1st for Fall term. CISabroad will email invoices to students approximately one month before the program payment deadline. For example, if your payment deadline is July 15, you should expect your invoice in mid-June. If you are using financial aid, please ensure all financial aid paperwork is returned to our office by the payment deadline. If your financial aid does not cover your entire balance, CISabroad accepts these payment methods.

3. What is due with my application and when is my application due?

The application process can be broken into easy steps!

The first step is to fill out the online application, which includes your contact information, what program you are applying for, etc. (Only takes five minutes!)

After filling out the online application, an advisor from our Global Advising Center will grant you portal access with a set of preliminary forms.

The next step is to pay the $200 application deposit in order to secure your space in the program. This amount will be applied toward the final cost. 

Within a day after submitting your deposit, you will receive a welcome email from your Program Coordinator—the person you will work with until departure. Your Program Coordinator will then give you program specific items in your portal. (Note: Both preliminary portal pieces and program specific tasks must be completed by the application deadline.)

#CISabroadTip: Contact your school’s registrar and have them send us your transcript early on in the application process (you can send us your transcript even before you’ve made the $200 deposit!) since snail mail makes this the slowest piece to submit. (We do also accept electronic OFFICIAL transcripts if your school provides them.)

For detailed instructions, see application instructions. The application deadline for The London Semester can be found here.

4. Do I need a passport or visa? When should I apply for my passport/visa?

Yes, you do need a passport to travel to England. Your passport must be valid for 6 months BEYOND the date you return to the United States. For detailed passport instructions, U.S. citizens should check the State Department's Travel Site. For The London Semester, you WILL need a visa. If you are a U.S. citizen and are studying in London for less than 6 months, you will need to get a Student Visitor Visa when you arrive at the airport. You will be sent a packet with specific visa instructions once you have been accepted to the program.

5. Is there a GPA requirement?

Yes. For The London Semester, the GPA requirement is 2.8.

6. What are my housing options? 

The London Semester offers dorms on campus with other University of Roehampton students.

7. Will other students participate in the program with me? How many?

CISabroad programs are not only a great way to meet local and international students, but also students from around the United States. Program size varies each year - if enrollment size is important to you, contact a CISabroad advisor at 1-877-617-9090.

8. How many credits are offered in the program?

For The London Semester, you will take either 3 or 4 classes for a total of 12 or 18 credits respectively. To see the courses available, go here.

9. Can I combine this program with another CISabroad program like intern, summer, or semester abroad?

Yes! A great way to extend your CISabroad experience is participating in another program. Combine semester programs to create a full academic year or if an academic year is just a little too long and a semester is too short, combine a semester and summer session, or a semester and January term program. You can also participate in a semester abroad and combine that with a summer intern abroad. To find out more information on the application process for more than one CISabroad program, contact a CISabroad advisor at 1-877-617-9090.

Term: Fall 2017
Arrival September 13
CISabroad Orientation September 14 - September 16
Classes Start September 25
Classes End December 15
Departure December 16
Application Deadline Late May
Term: Spring 2017
Arrival January 11
CISabroad Orientation January 12 - 14
Classes Start January 16
Classes End March 31 *After classes end there is a Spring break, then an exam period prior to departure.
Departure June 10
Application Deadline October 15
Term: Fall 2017 Price: $15,890
Term: Spring 2017 Price: $16,790

Dates posted here are for reference only and are subject to change. Please do not book flights until you have received the confirmed dates in your acceptance paperwork.

To view expected additional expenses for this program, click here.

Program fees are in US dollars and include the following:

  • Full-time tuition and fees 
  • Accommodation
  • Excursions
  • Medical and accident insurance 
  • CISabroad support services before, during, and after the program
  • Academic advising 
  • Financial aid counseling 
  • Assistance with travel arrangements
  • Predeparture orientation
  • Airport pickup 
  • University of Roehampton orientation 
  • On-campus internet access
  • On-site support 
  • Student Union fees
  • University of Roehampton official transcript 
  • Carbon offset of travel & Green Travel Guide

CISabroad reserves the right to alter fees at any time due to currency fluctuations and/or fee changes made by our partner universities.