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Study in one of the oldest civilizations in the world! With over 6,000 years of history, you'll always have something to see and learn. From business to computer engineering, visual arts to tourism, China has something for everyone.
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Semester in China


Culture, history, and full language immersion await! Spend the semester getting to know China’s language, history, and culture while living in the heart of Beijing on a Chinese campus where all students know at least some English.

China is a fascinating country drawing on millennia of history, culture, medicine, philosophy, and religion. It’s also one of the more geographically varied countries in the world: you can find glaciated peaks, hot deserts, lush jungles and just about everything else.

Studying abroad in China is a great idea for those interested in Chinese language, history, and international business, while living in the world’s fastest growing economy. With CISabroad, you can study in China for either a Summer in Shanghai or a Semester in Beijing! This incredible opportunity will let you live in either of the two amazing cities, learning one of the Chinese languages and immersing in the culture while you study business abroad. What better way to learn about business and economics than in the fastest growing economy in the world?