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The following are just some of our fabulous students who are loving their time overseas. Some have already returned home, while others are just starting their adventure.
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Dane C.

Dane, an Environmental Science major from University of Massachusetts - Dartmouth, describes his experience in Thailand after his Semester in Thailand with CISabroad.

What classes did you take while abroad?

I took Environmental Science Classes. "Ecology", "Climate Change", "Environmental Management Systems" and "Research and Presentation for Science". I must mention that the faculty support there was excellent.

What was your favorite class and why?

My favorite class was ecology because it allowed us to go on field trips to different islands in Thailand. It was one of the best courses I had ever taken. It also involved going out into the environment and collecting samples from water to fishes and returning to laboratory to analyze it. Our professor was very supportive in all the experiments that we conducted.

What type of accommodation did you have? Did you like it?

I lived in a fully furnished apartment. It consisted of an air conditioner, a refrigerator, a bed, a student work desk, a wardrobe, a television and finally an optional land line.

What do you miss the most about your host country?

I miss my friends. While in Thailand, I became really close with some locals. The fact that I had been there for 4 months just made it feel like home. I would always hang out with them whether it was at school, at home or at a local bar. I miss not being able to do this with them anymore. It was really emotional when we had to part.

What was your most challenging travel experience?

The most challenging travel experience was probably when more than 3 friends traveled together. It isn't a bad thing to travel together but sometimes it might be a bad idea, depending on who you are traveling with. 8 of my friends traveled with me to Cambodia. When we got their everyone had different interests in what they wanted to see and not see. As a result of this it made it very hard to cooperate, it was difficult trying to please each other but we still had fun.

What are five things you packed that you wish you hadn't?

I honestly packed really light. But some things I would recommend not packing are heavy shoes (boots) and extra back packs.

What are five things you didn’t pack that you wish you had?

I again honestly planned my trip really well and I had all of my necessities. But some things I would recommend to pack if it's Asia definitely pack a rain coat, you can also take a dress suit because there are some cool places where you would prefer to wear a suit on that night.