Experience the old meeting new in Scotland as you walk amongst castles on cobblestone streets on your way to modern, lively bars, and restaurants! Challenge yourself academically at either Edinburgh Napier University or the University of Stirling, which both have cutting-edge courses in a broad array of subjects.
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Semester in Edinburgh


The city of Edinburgh is truly amazing, combining medieval Old Town, neoclassical New Town, and award-winning modern architecture. Study at one of the top two new universities in the UK.

Semester in Stirling


There’s a castle on campus, seriously…study on an 18th-century estate in the Scottish highlands! This highly affordable program means you can live your dream of studying in Scotland without breaking the bank.

Summer in Scotland


Imagine a summer of exploring and learning in this historic country with your base in Stirling, the Gateway to the Highlands. Join us for great academics, fun excursions throughout Scotland, and a chance to explore Europe.

Study Internship in Scotland


Make the most of your summer in beautiful Scotland by studying AND interning abroad! Enjoy a castle and golf course on campus, choose from a variety of courses, and spend the last month gaining exceptional practical experience through a hands-on internship.

While in Scotland, you will find that city centers are safe and violence and crime are rare. Of course caution and common sense are always encouraged while exploring new areas.  Scotland requires health insurance coverage in case of an unforeseen accident. Students who will spend more than six months in Scotland will technically be able to use the national health plan. However, CIS includes a comprehensive medical and accident insurance plan with all of our programs.

As a part of Britain, Scotland shares its educational system which contains some of the leading universities in the world. The major difference with the Scottish education system is that bachelor degrees are four years (as compared to three in the rest of Britain).  The Scottish university you attend will be different than American institutions in that more responsibility for learning is given to you, the student. Academic life consists of large lectures followed by more intimate tutorials and labs where course work is studied in detail. You are expected to read, research, and prepare outside of class time.

We offer several different options to study abroad in Scotland, all of which let you experience the incredible history and beauty of this country. Spend a semester in Edinburgh or a semester or summer in Stirling, where you can be captivated by castles and the unique Scottish way of life! You can also complete a study internship in Stirling, where you will be able to combine the benefits of both a study abroad program and an international internship. Finally, if you want to experience more of Europe in addition to Scotland, you can join our multi-country study abroad programs that will let you see England, Ireland, and Spain, or the rest of the British Isles.

Population: 5.1 million

Capital City: Edinburgh

Time Difference: Scotland is +1 GMT, so it is 5 hours ahead of the east coast and 8 hours ahead of the west coast.

National Animal: Red Lion

National Anthem: Flower of Scotland (unofficial)

National Flower: Thistle

National Food: Haggis

Geography: Located in the northern third of Great Britain, Scotland is roughly the size of Maine. In the Northern Highlands and Islands region you will find mountainous terrain and over 790 islands. The Central Lowlands are home to the majority of the Scottish populations. The Southern Uplands contain miles of green, rolling hills and in them lays the UK’s highest village, Wanlockhead (1,411 ft above sea level). The Gulf Stream from the Atlantic Ocean keeps the climate mild throughout Scotland. Although rainfall varies within the country, the west coast tends to be wetter, but also has warmer summer weather. The east coast will have a cooler and drier climate with minimal snowfall at the lower elevations in towns like Stirling and Edinburgh, making them ideal study locations!

Important Holidays: If your timing is fortunate enough to experience a Scottish holiday, you will certainly be in for a treat! Hogmanay, or New Year’s Eve, is considered by some Scotts to be more important than Christmas. Celebrating takes place throughout the night and when the church bells ring at midnight, everyone sings Auld Lang Syne. On May 1st, Beltane’s Day is celebrated with the lighting of fires, originating from the ancient belief that the burning would help the crops to grow. The strong influence of the Catholic Church has led to a holiday on November 30 devoted to the country’s patron saint, St. Andrew. The day marks the beginning of the Christmas markets throughout the country.

Famous People: John Logie Baird (inventor of the television), Robert Burns (composer), KT Tunstall (singer), James Mathew Barrie (author of Peter Pan), and Gerard Butler (actor).

Great Movies: The 39 Steps; Braveheart; Trainspotting; Rob Roy; Highlander; Comfort and Joy; Gregory’s Girl.