USA-Hawaii Intern Abroad

Receive an enriching international experience without leaving the country. Asian influences and indigenous Hawaiians create a culture that is truly unique to study and live in! Outdoor adventure opportunities like hiking, surfing, parasailing, snorkeling, mountain biking, and kayaking will never leave you bored on the weekends.
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Intern Abroad Program Spotlight

Intern in Hawai'i


Intern "abroad" in the beautiful and diverse archipelago of Hawaii! Experience the unique Hawaiian culture, explore the amazing natural environment, and gain exceptional experience through a customized internship.

An internship in Hawaii lets you learn valuable skills that will make you more competitive in the job market, while experiencing a unique culture right here in the United States. Many of the internships in Hawaii focus on socially and environmentally conscious efforts, so you will also be making a difference in your new community! This unique opportunity will let you enjoy the best of Hawaii while gaining career-oriented experience.