South Africa Intern Abroad

The diverse culture of South Africa makes it a prime location for a truly international experience. Plunge from the world's highest bungee jump, cage dive with great sharks, ride an ostrich, or learn to surf. South Africa has enough adventure opportunities to keep you busy for a lifetime.
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Intern in South Africa

South Africa

Intern in the beautiful, lively, seaside city of Cape Town for a semester, summer or somewhere in between! Enjoy personal and professional growth as CISabroad coordinates both your practical internship as well as fun social and cultural activities in and around Cape Town.

If you want to gain practical skills for the workplace while living abroad, then an international internship is ideal for you. Our internship in South Africa lets you live in the famous Cape Town, a lively coastal city with easy access to beaches, incredible scenery, and the vibrant culture of South Africa. You can complete an internship in a wide variety of fields that will prepare you for future jobs, as well as experience all of the adventure and beauty that South Africa is famous for!