Italy Intern Abroad

Italy offers everything a study or intern abroad participant could want: a great climate, rich culture, impressive art, tasty cuisine, and so much more! Be more than just one of the millions of tourists in Italy when you go with CISabroad, as you'll have the chance to get off the beaten track with our staff's guidance.
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Intern Abroad Program Spotlight

Intern in Florence


Sharpen your Italian language skills, soak up the culture, and get great professional experience while working at a local or multi-national company in Florence! Placements are customized according to your background, skills, interests and Italian proficiency.

Study Internship in Florence


Get experience beyond what you could get as a tourist or even as just a study abroad student! Immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture inside and outside of the classroom. Work alongside locals and other internationals while also enjoying a fun, social campus setting through your classes.

Study Internship in Perugia


Study AND intern in Perugia, Italy to get the most out of your semester abroad. Combine your studies with hands-on experience for a great resume builder. Enjoy fun, social and cultural activities with other study abroad participants and life in this beautiful, hilltop town full of Italian college students.

Intern in Rome


Intern abroad in Rome, Italy to improve your Italian language, immerse in the culture, and gain incredible professional experience in your field of choice. Spend one to three months during the summer or any other time of year working and living in magnificent Rome!

Study Internship on the Italian Coast, Sorrento


Study Internship in Sorrento offers students the chance to fully integrate into the local community. By working alongside local residents, you will learn about your field of study and how it impacts the community that you are living and learning in.

To really set yourself apart in the eyes of future employers, an international internship in Italy is the perfect solution! You can choose to intern abroad in Florence in any area or subject that interests you, immersing yourself in the Italian language and gaining valuable skills for your résumé. Additionally, you can combine a study abroad program with an international internship in Florence or Perugia to really get the best of both worlds during your time in Italy.