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Rock climbing, surfing, hiking, kayaking, mountain biking, horseback riding, snorkeling, paragliding, and more are waiting for you in the natural playground of Ecuador! Ecuador may not look like a big country, but its terrain is definitely larger than life!
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Intern in Ecuador


Whether you help at an orphanage, clinic, or women’s center, you can learn so much about the country through a hands-on, custom internship in Ecuador. There’s no better way to gain experience for your resume, improve your Spanish, and immerse yourself in this enchanting country.

Stand out to future employers with the great experience you’ll gain with an international internship! There’s no better way to show your adaptability and Spanish language skills than with the completion of an internship in Ecuador. Most of our Ecuador internship placements deal with community development, environmental preservation, sustainable agriculture, global health, and socioeconomic development. This is the perfect opportunity to gain hands-on experience in a field you’re passionate about, as well as to enjoy the benefits of living in the beautiful city of Quito.