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CISabroad offers you the chance to work overseas for a month to a year. We customize each internship to your personal and professional goals: you can work in tropical rainforests, market products in fashion design, or guide tourists through museums. Enhance your resume with us; the sky is the limit.
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Intern Abroad Program Spotlight

Intern in Australia


From six to fifteen weeks, in Sydney you get to decide where you will intern and for how long. After hours, join your colleagues to soak up all Australia has to offer.

Intern in China


Improve your business skills while working with Chinese colleagues. Live and work in the modern cities of Shanghai or Beijing.

Intern in Ecuador


Whether you help at an orphanage, clinic, or women’s center, you can learn so much about the country through a hands-on, custom internship in Ecuador. There’s no better way to gain experience for your resume, improve your Spanish, and immerse yourself in this enchanting country.

Intern in London


Learn how Brits do business by working alongside your new English colleagues at a local museum, a high-powered corporate office, or the British Parliament! Our program includes professional development courses and cultural excursions.

Intern in Dublin


Whether working with a local non-profit, an athletic organization, or a legal services firm, you will get practical experience in your field of study. All the while, you can also take advantage of living in one of the best cities in Europe!

Intern in Florence


Sharpen your Italian language skills, soak up the culture, and get great professional experience while working at a local or multi-national company in Florence! Placements are customized according to your background, skills, interests and Italian proficiency.

Intern in New Zealand

New Zealand

Gain practical experience while immersing yourself in the Kiwis’ friendly workplace and lively, modern Pacifica culture. Month-long to year-long placements are available.

Intern in Barcelona


Ever dream of working at a magazine, travel agency, or finance institution in beautiful Barcelona? Well, now you can! Work in English or Spanish, and soak up Barcelona’s wonders during our hands-on orientation and guided tours of the city.

Study Internship in Florence


Get experience beyond what you could get as a tourist or even as just a study abroad student! Immerse yourself in the Italian language and culture inside and outside of the classroom. Work alongside locals and other internationals while also enjoying a fun, social campus setting through your classes.

Intern in South Africa

South Africa

Intern in the beautiful, lively, seaside city of Cape Town for a semester, summer or somewhere in between! Enjoy personal and professional growth as CISabroad coordinates both your practical internship as well as fun social and cultural activities in and around Cape Town.

Study Internship at the University of Sydney


Study AND intern in beautiful Sydney, Australia for a semester! Earn academic credit through both your traditional studies as well as a practical internship that will have you working 10 to 20 hours per week. Enjoy a fun, social atmosphere and exceptional staff support throughout your time in Australia with CISabroad.

Study Internship in London


Imagine spending a semester not only living and studying, but also working in the heart of London! Split your time between studying whatever your heart desires while gaining professional experience working alongside Londoners and internationals from around the world.

Study Internship in Perugia


Study AND intern in Perugia, Italy to get the most out of your semester abroad. Combine your studies with hands-on experience for a great resume builder. Enjoy fun, social and cultural activities with other study abroad participants and life in this beautiful, hilltop town full of Italian college students.

Study Internship in Scotland


Make the most of your summer in beautiful Scotland by studying AND interning abroad! Enjoy a castle and golf course on campus, choose from a variety of courses, and spend the last month gaining exceptional practical experience through a hands-on internship.

Intern in Hawai'i


Intern "abroad" in the beautiful and diverse archipelago of Hawaii! Experience the unique Hawaiian culture, explore the amazing natural environment, and gain exceptional experience through a customized internship.

Study Internship in Aix en Provence


Study AND intern abroad in beautiful and historic Aix-en-Provence, France! Courses are offered in a variety of subjects, taught in both French and English, and include language, history, culture, and business. Frequent excursions and cultural activities in southern France round out this exceptional program.

Intern in Rome


Intern abroad in Rome, Italy to improve your Italian language, immerse in the culture, and gain incredible professional experience in your field of choice. Spend one to three months during the summer or any other time of year working and living in magnificent Rome!

Intern in Thailand


Gain valuable experience in community development or healthcare with time to explore Thailand’s incredible northern region on the side.

Study Internship in Barcelona


Barcelona is home to more World Heritage sites than any other city in Europe. You will witness 2,000 years of architectural and cultural splendor. The numerous museums, churches, cathedrals, concert halls, modern art, and the influential architecture make Barcelona an aesthetically appealing destination for visitors from all over the world.

Study Internship on the Italian Coast, Sorrento


Study Internship in Sorrento offers students the chance to fully integrate into the local community. By working alongside local residents, you will learn about your field of study and how it impacts the community that you are living and learning in.

Intern Abroad for Credit Faculty Evaluator
Kevin Taylor Anderson, PhD
Kevin has a PhD in Cultural Anthropology and is a Lecturer in Media, Culture, and Visual Methods at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. Kevin was fortunate to begin traveling at an early age with his family, climbing the pyramids of Teotihuacan in Mexico, surfing in Hawaii, and snorkeling in the Caribbean. This travel bug set him on his career as an anthropologist and ethnographic filmmaker where his work has taken him to Ireland, Italy, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Japan, and Australia. Kevin also founded the Western Massachusetts hiking club, Trail Wobblers, and he reviews films on the Web for Film Autopsy. In addition to hiking and travel, Kevin loves scuba diving, all things aquatic, and is a sushi enthusiast. His heroes are Basho, Amelia Earhart, and Jacques Cousteau.

It might go against common conception to pay to work for somebody else, but there's so much more to an international internship program. Intern abroad programs are very similar to study abroad programs in terms of what's included in every sense except that instead of going to class (which you may still do as part of an intern abroad program, typically language classes), you will go to work. However, most things remain the same, meaning you get all the great services from CISabroad that help you make the most of your time overseas: pre-departure assistance, housing, internship placement, on-site support, orientation, and at least some tours/excursions/cultural activities.

When you pay to intern abroad, you're paying for hours and hours of time to have everything arranged on your behalf. If you have the time, you could potentially plan most things on your own; however, if you decide to go it alone, finding the perfect internship placement within your field of choice and considering your personal and professional interests will be very difficult. Fortunately, CISabroad has years of experience and tons of contacts in each of our intern abroad program locations, so we know where to go to find you the perfect internship. 

CISabroad does not offer paid internships abroad - that's both a tricky consideration due to visa regulations, and compensation oftentimes justifies less qualified work that's unrelated to your studies. The most common types of paid placements you can find for a short duration overseas are relatively unskilled. Instead, we offer exceptional, practical and academically-related internships so you can more easily land your dream job at home or abroad after successful completion of your internship.

Still not convinced that paying for an internship abroad is all it's built up to be? Contact one of our friendly and helpful advisors for answers to other questions or doubts you might have. 

Ready to consider the opportunity of a lifetime? View all CISabroad intern abroad programs!

If you are hoping to intern abroad for academic credit, you have come to the right place! CISabroad has a variety of options to get you the professional experience, personal growth, and academic objectives you hope to accomplish.

Option 1: Credit from the Overseas School
Option 2: Credit from CISabroad-Plymouth State University
Option 3: Credit from Your Home School
Option 4: No Academic Credit, Just Great Experience

Option 1: Credit from the Overseas School

The following programs automatically award academic credit, as you are interning while taking an established internship course:

Semester-Long Internships with Academic Classes

If you'd like to add an internship to a semester- or year-long study abroad program, consider one of the options below:

Typically, you'll substitute one or two classes for a 10 or 20 hour per week internship, earning the appropriate credit from the school you're also studying at.

Summer Internships with Academic Classes

For an experience similar to the semester-long internships above, combining academics with experience, consider the following program for a summer internship with classes, which will have you taking two classes for the first month and then interning for credit in the second month:

Summer Internships with Language Classes

If you're hoping to intern abroad during the summer and would like to study either Spanish or Italian, consider one of the following options:

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Option 2: Credit from CISabroad-Plymouth State University

Through our partnership with Plymouth State University, you can earn between 3-12 credits in the fields listed below. Note: the field is listed, the Plymouth State University course number that will appear on your transcript, as well as the range of credits available. Contact an advisor to see if the the following fields are available in your study abroad location. 

Course Name/
Credits Applicable Fields for Transfer Credit
Art History AH 4880 3-6 Museum Studies, Curation
Anthropology AN 4610 3-12  
Business  BU 4600 3-12  Accounting, Entrepreneurship, Economics, Finance, International 
Communications & Media Studies
CM 3950 3-6  Advertising, Communication, Film and Television, Journalism, Public Relations.
Note: Students must have taken "Intro to Media and Cultural Studies" and "Intro to Communication"
Criminal Justice CJ 4580 3-6  Criminology, Law, Political Science
Dance DN 4410 3-12      
English  EN 4950 3-12 English and Literature 
Note: Only offered as pass/fail. 
Environmental Planning  EPL 3960 3-6  Environmental Science and Sustainable Development
Geography GE 3960 3-16  
Graphic Design
AG 4900 3-6  Only offered to students with senior status (students must have completed the equivalent of 90 credits).
History HI 4000 3-6       
Music  MU 4410 3-12      
Philosophy  HI 4000     
Political Science PO 4010 3-12  
Social Sciences SO 3910 3-6  Anthropology, Psychology, Sociology, Political Science.
Sociology SO 4610 3-12 Psychology, Political Science
Theater  TH 4410 3-12      
Tourism Management  TMP 4000 3-12  Eco-tourism, Hospitality, Tourism, Recreational Management.

To receive credit from CISabroad through Plymouth State University, interns must have completed a minimum of 60 hours (approximately 2 full years) of college or university credit before going on the program and be majoring or minoring in one of the fields listed above.

GPA 2.5

There is an $800 fee for interns who wish to receive credit from Plymouth State University. There is no price difference for 3, 6, 9, or 12 credits.

How is credit given?
Credit will be assessed and given based on the successful completion of a variety of assignments. Assignments include an essays, journals, and evaluations and will be assessed based on the grading rubric.

  • Minimum 3 page pre-departure paper based on intern’s goals for the program
  • Directed, reflective internship journal completed by intern during the program (four entries)
  • Mid-term Online Evaluation completed by intern
  • Evaluation completed by internship supervisor
  • 8-10 page reflective essay on overall learning experience

Credit is given in letter grade format (A,B,C,D,F) in a specific academic discipline. The amount of credit is awarded based on the number of hours interned: 120 hours = 3 credits, 240 hours = 6 credits, 360 hours = 9 credits, 480 hours = 12 credits. Interns will receive a transcript 6-10 weeks after the program ends stating the grade and the number of credits earned. The number of hours that can be completed depends on type of internship and location.

Plymouth State University, CISabroad’s accrediting partner, is a NEASC accredited institution with over 20 years of experience awarding internship credit both domestically and internationally. Plymouth State University has been nationally recognized for its commitment to the environment and for innovative programs that are making an impact both regionally and globally.



Option 3: Credit from Your Home School

Many students are able to arrange for credit through their home college or university. You might weigh this option financially and credit-wise against what's available through CISabroad-Plymouth State University. Contact your study abroad office, academic advisor, or career services to see if this option is available at your school.

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Option 4: No Academic Credit, Just Great Experience

Summer Internships without Classes

Not interested in earning academic credit? Choose from our Summer Internships without Classes, which don't offer credit by default. You can also choose from most of the other programs above and simply opt out of receiving credit. 

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Still not sure which option is right for you? Click the button below and one of our friendly advisors will be happy to help!