Health & Safety

Your safety and well-being abroad is our top priority. At CISabroad, we have several measures in place to ensure your safety and security, including pre-departure and onsite orientations, 24/7 emergency assistance in-country and in the United States, and comprehensive health insurance included in all of our programs.

Studying abroad as an LGBTQ student offers an additional set of challenges and things to consider. There are somequestions you may want to ask yourself, and research to be done, before choosing a study abroad location. Being safe and comfortable is important to any study abroad adventure, and CISabroad wants to ensure both of those for its students.

Are you a study abroad advisor?  Join us for a special LGBTQ-focused site visit in Athens, Greece - Monday, October 3rd through Wednesday, October 5th, 2016, and an important part of our IIE Generation Study Abroad commitment. We will visit with the Fileefheri Symaxia party, which protects gay and lesbian rights, and meet with Rainbow families advocating for same-sex families, and SID, the Greek Transexual Association. This program will allow participants to gain insight and a first-hand look into international opportunities for LGBTQ students and/or gender studies departments.

Your guide: Scott Tayloe, Director of Customized Faculty-Led Programs, Co-Chair NAFSA Rainbow SIG.  Apply today

Alumni Stories - click here to download a PDF 

Some questions to ask yourself before studying abroad:
How out do I want to be to my host family or roommates?
Is it important for me to participate in LGBTQ activities and events while abroad?
Is discussing my sexual orientation or gender identity something that is important to me? 

Things to check about your host country:
What are the social attitudes towards being LGBTQ in my host country?
Are there resources for LGBTQ students in my host country or at my place of study?
Are there any LGBTQ groups or LGBTQ-friendly establishments in my area?
Are sexual orientation and gender identity openly discussed and accepted, or more taboo in my host country?
Will I be staying with a host family or roommates who will be accepting of me if I choose to come out?
Are there safety and legal issues for LGBTQ individuals in this area?

The following are a list of resources to help you with this process!


University guides with additional information & resources:
University of Richmond Information for LGBT Students
American University Student Identity Abroad Information & Resources
Michigan State University GLBT Guide





Our Generation Study Abroad Commitment:

CISabroad is proud to join Generation Study Abroad. Founded in Boston in 1999, we offer innovative study and intern programs in 21 countries and faculty-led options in 45 countries, on every continent but Antarctica.  We have long been committed to giving students the best value in study abroad: affordability, support, cultural immersion and academic relevance. Seventy percent of our students receive grants or scholarships, for a total of more than $200,000 per year given away. We are committed to staying affordable and will continue to be. Our pledge as part of Generation Study Abroad takes us beyond monetary assistance and speaks to our deep belief in the transformational power of education abroad, especially for underserved populations. CISabroad pledges to increase knowledge about and access to education abroad for the LGBTQ student population. We will offer LGBTQ programming, educational workshops & resources, webinars, and international site visits specifically to meet the needs of this population.

Specifically, by 2019, we will:

 Have LGBTQ programming possibilities in at least 5 destinations.
 Offer an annual LGBTQ workshop and webinar to study abroad offices.
 Offer one conference session or workshop focused on this topic and make it available to IIE.
 Include educational information in all our student pre-departure orientations.
 Offer at least one international site visit focused on the needs of this population.
 Provide access to a list of resources for all LGBTQ students to prepare for international travel.
 Have allies and members of the LGBTQ population on our Board of Advisors.