Finances & Scholarships

We want all students to have the opportunity to study abroad, so we strive to provide the lowest cost study abroad options without sacrificing quality. Many CISabroad students also receive financial aid or scholarships to help pay for their time abroad, making it possible to study overseas without breaking the bank.

The CISabroad program fees are part of what you will spend during your time studying or interning abroad.  There are other expenses that you will want to know about when you budget for this fantastic experience, such as your round-trip airfare, food (if you aren’t on a meal plan), extra travel expenses, visa fees, and other miscellaneous costs. The budgets here help you do that! Use them to plan how you will spend your money. If you will be using financial aid, you can refer to them during your conversation with your financial aid officer. You will note that there are two budget sheets for each of our programs. One provides information regarding the CISabroad program fees and the other provides estimates of the minimum expected additional expenses associated with your program.

Semester Program Fees and Additional Expenses

Summer/January Program Fees and Additional Expenses

Internship Program Fees and Additional Expenses