Custom Programs

CISabroad has sent more than 1,500 students to 50 countries studying over 100 academic disciplines on our custom study abroad and intern abroad programs!

CISabroad customizes international faculty-led internship and study abroad programs for colleges and universities across the United States. We provide the logistics, curriculum mapping, and staff support to facilitate your program, allowing you or your faculty member to focus on the academics. 
Download the Custom Faculty-Led Programs Brochure

Benefits of Custom Programs with CISabroad 

  • Comprehensive programs which can include international airfare, housing/lodging, full-time on-site support, facilities, excursions, and complete itineraries customized to fit the program
  • Wide range of destinations and program types, including both traditional academic programs and experiential, service-based opportunities.
  • Affordable program cost based on the logistics of your course or program
  • CISabroad accepts student federal and state financial aid.