Warm sunshine, friendly people, and a fun, laid-back way of life makes Australia an ideal study and intern abroad destination. Looking for outdoor adventure? Snorkel in the Great Barrier Reef, climb Ayers Rock, surf at Bells Beach, camp in the Outback, or hike Kakadu National Park!
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Semester on the Gold Coast


World-class academics and the surf at your doorstep. On Semester on the Gold Coast, you’ll study with a diverse international student body at the top university in Australia - which happens to be smack in the middle of paradise.

Semester at La Trobe University


Study in Melbourne, the cultural capital of Australia, birthplace of Australian film and art. Here you'll find a vibrant campus as well as a student-friendly city life.

Semester in Newcastle


Our most affordable Australian semester program, on a sustainable, bushland campus. From Digital Arts and Alchemy to Water Engineering and Australian Flora, you’ll find unexpected courses on your Semester in Newcastle.

Semester at Macquarie University


Sydney is known for its stunning ocean views, iconic opera house, and lush landscapes. An activities-packed student union and sports association mean you’re sure to make friends quickly. $500 off Fall 2016

Intern in Australia


From six to fifteen weeks, in Sydney you get to decide where you will intern and for how long. After hours, join your colleagues to soak up all Australia has to offer.

Semester in Tropical North Queensland


Semester in Tropical North Queensland has it all: world-class academics, breathtaking scenery, vibrant city life, a beautiful oceanfront, and plenty of great cuisine and entertainment. Just an hour from the Great Barrier Reef, James Cook University is located in one of the most bustling and beautiful places in Australia.

Study Internship at the University of Sydney


Study AND intern in beautiful Sydney, Australia for a semester! Earn academic credit through both your traditional studies as well as a practical internship that will have you working 10 to 20 hours per week. Enjoy a fun, social atmosphere and exceptional staff support throughout your time in Australia with CISabroad.

Summer on the Gold Coast


Study in Australia during the summer and enjoy a wide range of courses, a beautiful campus just minutes from the beach, and a fun social setting in a vibrant community. Summer in Australia on the Gold Coast has the best of everything and lets you get a full semester ahead!

Semester at University of Sydney


Australia is well known for its incredible climate, world class beaches, friendly citizens, and laidback lifestyle.The gateway to Australia, Sydney is renowned as a dynamic and cosmopolitan city that combines culture, history, and beautiful scenery!

Summer in Sydney


Summer at the University of Sydney has it all: world-class academics at a prestigious university, life in a vibrant, historical city, and endless opportunities to immerse yourself in Australian culture. Join hundreds of other internationals and see why so many choose life in Sydney!

Summer in Adelaide


Experience the beauty of Australia through its diverse landscape and laid back culture. Adopt the “no worries” way of the Aussies as you explore the bluest beaches, green walking & cycling trails, and sprawling vineyards during your summer in Adelaide- Australia’s fifth most populated city.

US vs. Australian Higher Education System

The education system in Australia is renowned for its high academic standards. However, your academic experience in Australia will be quite different from your US education. First, the academic calendar is opposite than that of the US. The academic year begins in February and runs through November with a semester break mid- to late-June. CISabroad's partner university for Semester on the Gold Coast and Summer in Australia is an exception, as it follows a US academic calendar, with three semester programs roughly coinciding with US academic fall, spring and summer terms.

Secondly, much more responsibility will be placed on you for learning course material. Your school schedule will consist of large lectures followed by more intimate tutorials (group discussion sessions) and labs where the information is studied in detail. You will be expected to read and research without much formal structure (generally no weekly assignments or exams), different from the "continuous assessment" model typical of US colleges and universities that tend to involve more assignments that count substantial towards a final grade. 

Australian hygiene and safety standards are some of the highest in the world. Although there are no extreme safety concerns, we encourage you to exercise caution until you are familiar with your surroundings. During your stay in Australia you will be required to possess the Australian Overseas Health Coverage (OSHC). This cost is included in the price of your CISabroad program. With this coverage, you can use the same medical services as an Australian citizen. CISabroad also includes a supplemental comprehensive medical and accident insurance plan with all of our programs.

Studying abroad in Australia provides the ultimate in both adventure and education. From surfing to hiking to hang gliding, you’ll find that it’s impossible to be bored in this popular travel destination! Additionally, Australia boasts some of the most renowned universities in the world, and is known as a highly desired international internship location.

You can study abroad in English with no restrictions on the types of courses you can choose from. While it’s most common for college students to choose fall or spring semester programs abroad in Australia, CISabroad also offers a few summer study abroad programs in Australia, as well as internships in Australia during any time of the year, including summer.

Choose from any of our programs located in Sydney, Melbourne, the Gold Coast, Bendigo, Newcastle, or travel-based (throughout the Outback) and fall in love with everything that this incredible continent has to offer!

For more details on CISabroad study abroad and intern abroad programs in Australia, click here.

Official name: Commonwealth of Australia
Population: 21 million
Capital City: Canberra
Time Difference: Australia has three time zones: Western, Central, and Eastern Standard Time. Sydney is on EST and is +10 GMT, so it is 14 hours ahead of the US east coast and 17 hours ahead of the US west coast.
National Anthem: Advance Australia Fair
National Bird: Emu
National Currency: Australian Dollar
National Sport: Cricket

Although there are over 20 million people in Australia, the majority of the population is immigrants. English is the main language spoken even though there are over 100 different ethnic groups represented within the country. Immigrants from places like the UK, Ireland, India, Greece, Vietnam, and the Philippines all call Australia home. The many cultures of Australia are sure to offer a unique experience abroad!

As the sixth largest country in the world, Australia is found just south of Indonesia and Papua New Guinea and is surrounded by the Indian and Pacific oceans. Within the country are six states and two primary territories. The majority of the country is made up of deserts, but you will find tropical rainforests in the north and of course, beautiful beaches all along the coast. Being south of the equator, seasons in Australia are opposite from that of the US. Thus, summer begins in December and winter starts in June. Overall, the climate in Australia is moderate with temperatures never falling into extreme categories.    

Famous People
Cate Blanchett (actress), Mel Gibson (actor), Nicole Kidman (actress), Elle MacPherson (model), Men at Work (rock band), Kylie Minogue (singer), and Patrick White (author).

Great Movies: Rabbit Proof Fence; Crocodile Dundee; Finding Nemo; Australia; Shine; The Man from Snowy River.

If you're considering studying or interning in Australia, you've come to the right place! CISabroad offers affordable program options for all majors in a variety of locations, throughout the year. Here are some details about the programs and locations that may help guide you in your decision: 

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